Why do modern people generally lack vitamin B?


There are two main reasons why the vitamin B group is prone to deficiency:

1. Water-soluble vitamins are highly dependent on daily diet: in fact, the principle is similar to vitamin C, because water-soluble vitamins are rarely stored in the body, even if they are supplemented temporarily It will also be excreted quickly with urine. Therefore, the adequacy of vitamin B is very dependent on the high quality of the daily diet, so everyone knows that a good diet is easy for a while, but difficult for a lifetime.

2. The special role of vitamin B family: To know why it is lacking, you first need to know what they are doing in the body. Water-soluble vitamins are used as cofactors of enzymes in the body and directly affect the activity of enzymes. And we all know that enzymes are important transforming substances that regulate the biochemical reactions in the body. How much it consumes depends on the daily diet, physical strength, emotions, and stress responses are very important. Therefore, we will find that some problems such as irregular life, unbalanced diet, fatigue, tension, and stress are particularly prone to ulcers.

This is because such irregular diet and work rest, or emotions increase the body’s oxidation. Stress response requires more enzymes and consumes more water-soluble vitamins. The final result is that these vitamins are not available. Explain why water-soluble vitamins are consumed as coenzymes. The catalyst learned in chemistry will not participate in the reaction and be consumed, and the enzyme as a biological catalyst will not participate in the reaction. However, since the essence of enzyme is protein, the quaternary structure of protein is not stable; it will be denatured and inactivated in the body and then absorbed and transformed again by the body. So although it will not be changed in the reaction, it does not mean that it will not be reduced in the body, so every enzyme has a half-life in the body, and they will be degraded by lysosomes or cytoplasm, just like proteins in other parts of the body.

It is also a dynamic process of being continuously ablated and re-synthesized. This is why although enzymes will not decrease, biological enzymes as proteins are a dynamic balance. This is why your pancreas keeps secreting all kinds of digestive enzymes, otherwise you can make a bunch of enzymes for permanent use after birth, then your pancreas can retire. So everyone has some kind of vitamin B deficiency problem more or less.More about:Vitamin Series