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About Tianhecheng

Zhejiang Tianhecheng Bio-technology Shares Co., Ltd. is a professional

China Nutritional Enhancers Factory and Vitamin Series Manufacturers

, which committed to the production of vitamin series, polyunsaturated fatty acid series, carotenoid series and other(encapsulated) products.

The company operates strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality system and ISO22000 food safety system, adopts advanced nano-technology, spray drying process and double encapsulation process. It is a diversified large-scale professional production base in China.

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SC Certification

SC Certification

ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 Certification

ISO22000 Certification

ISO22000 Certification

KOSHER Certification

KOSHER Certification

HALAL Certification

HALAL Certification

Our Advantage

Why Choose Us


We have a strong R&D team that can develop and produce Nutritional Enhancers based on the customer's formula.


We have 3 production lines, factory direct saling, good quality and low price.


We have our own laboratory and advanced testing equipment to ensure Vitamin Series quality.


We have three processes of nano, micro and micro powder to meet customers’ requirements.


We are based on low, medium and high markets, our products meet international standards, and 70% of our Vitamin Series are exported.


We are only 120 kilometers from Shanghai Port and it’s very convenient for exporting.

Some Word About Us


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Although the market, applications, and customers are different, we have a unique concept to guide our customers' success. We will respond patiently and meticulously to any advice and feedback from our customers. For any inquiry from the customer, we will give a professional and reasonable quotation at a fast speed.