Who needs vitamin B6 supplement?


Vitamin B6 is more abundant in yeast, liver, grains, meat, fish, eggs, beans and peanuts. Vitamin B6 is a component of certain coenzymes in the human body and participates in a variety of metabolic reactions, especially closely related to amino acid metabolism. Clinically, vitamin B6 preparations are used to prevent and treat pregnancy vomiting and radiation sickness vomiting.
   1. Elderly people: Elderly people are very susceptible to chronic wasting diseases or intestinal malabsorption, and they are prone to lack of vitamin B6, and may have signs of anemia and decreased resistance. It is recommended to supplement 50 mg of vitamin B6 every day to enhance your own immune function.
  2. Women with premenstrual syndrome: Daily intake of 50-250 mg of vitamin B6 can effectively relieve women’s premenstrual tension, anxiety, mood swings, depression, breast tenderness and other symptoms.
  3. Smokers: Smoking will reduce the body's utilization of vitamin B6 and easily cause the lack of vitamin B6 in the body. It is best to supplement it in an appropriate amount.
  4. Alcoholics: As alcohol will reduce the vitamin B6 content in the body, resulting in too low vitamin B6 content in the body, it is recommended to take 15-20 mg of vitamin B6 daily.
5. Those with a high proportion of protein in the diet: Vitamin B6 can help break down protein, which can convert excessive protein into nutrients needed by the human body, and avoid excessive accumulation in the body that may cause chronic diseases. Therefore, there are more such people Take vitamin B6.
  6. ​​Pregnant women and breastfeeding women: It is recommended to take 30 mg of vitamin B6 daily to reduce the symptoms of edema in hands and feet and pain in the knuckles.
  7. Heart disease patients: Vitamin B6 is helpful to maintain heart health and can reduce the probability of heart attack.
   8. Women who take contraceptive pills: Taking oral contraceptives will lower the level of vitamin B6 in the blood, so it needs to be supplemented appropriately. Long-term oral contraceptives will also accelerate the metabolic rate of tryptophan and increase the demand for vitamin B6.
   9. People with allergies: Vitamin B6 can help produce antibodies, which can enhance the skin's anti-allergic ability.More about:Vitamin Series Manufacturers