What is the role of vitamin d2?


1. Vitamin d2 may help us effectively improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in our body, so that the levels of plasma calcium and phosphorus in our body are at a relatively saturated level, thus effectively ensuring the health and stability of various functions in our body.

2. In addition, vitamin d2 can also help us promote the growth of the body and the calcification of bones, as well as the health and integrity of teeth. Therefore, vitamin d2 has very important practical significance for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, which is a part we need to understand.

3. Vitamin d2 can help the intestinal wall to increase the absorption of phosphorus, and at the same time, it can further increase the reabsorption of phosphorus by the renal tubules.

4. Vitamin d2 has very important practical significance for maintaining the normal level of citrate in the blood, which is also one of the functions of vitamin d2 that we must not ignore.

5. Finally, vitamin d2 can also help us effectively prevent the loss of amino acids through the kidney area.

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