What are the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in the body


Vitamin A deficiency: rough skin, itching, deep white lines on nails, dry hair, memory loss, irritability and insomnia, dry eyeball and conjunctiva, and urinary tract stones. Eat more beef liver, eggs, red and yellow vegetables, fruits and cod liver oil.
Insufficient vitamin D: bone softening, rickets in children. More fish and eggs should be imported, and more sun should be provided.
Vitamin B1 deficiency: allergic to sound, allergic reaction to sound, intermittent soreness in the calf, beriberi, neurodermatitis, etc. Eat more beans, cereals, hard fruits, fruits, milk and green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin B2 deficiency: inflammation of the mouth corners, various skin diseases such as dermatitis, scrotum, etc., burning sensation in the hands and limbs, and excessive sensitivity to light. Eat more liver, milk, eggs, beans, and green vegetables.

Vitamin B3 deficiency: thick tongue coating, swollen lips, tongue pain, lip pain, excessive scalp, and dry oral mucosa. You should eat more yeast.
Vitamin B12: It is easy to lose balance in movement, the body will have intermittent pain in the position of the body, fingers and tingling sensation, should eat more animal liver and yeast.
Insufficient vitamin C: no objective reasons such as overwork, drastic changes in the environment, or other organic diseases, but often feel fatigue, often catch colds, cough, decline in resistance, frequent bleeding from the gums, hard to heal wounds, deep marks on the tongue, etc. . Eat more tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, red dates, wild dates, etc.
Vitamin PP (niacin) deficiency: glossitis, dermatitis, loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting, dizziness, memory loss. Eat more whole grains, green leafy vegetables, liver, peanuts, protein, etc. In addition, the external organs of the human body also signal vitamin deficiency. Oral signal: If you find that the corners of your mouth are red, long-term dry and cracked, and your lips and tongue are sore, you are probably suffering from angular cheilitis due to insufficient nutrition. If you are not paying attention, it will cause aphtha and lymphadenitis. Angular cheilitis is mostly caused by lack of iron and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B6.