What are the precautions for vitamin D2?


1. Before the treatment of hypocalcemia, the concentration of serum phosphorus should be controlled first, and related indicators such as blood calcium should be reviewed regularly; unless the doctor's instructions are followed, the simultaneous application of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D preparations should be avoided. During hemodialysis, aluminum carbonate or aluminum hydroxide gel can be used to control the blood phosphorus concentration. The absorption of phosphorus in the course of vitamin D2 treatment increases, and the amount of aluminum preparations can be increased.
2. Due to individual differences, the dosage of vitamin D2 should be adjusted based on clinical response.
3. Interference with diagnosis: Vitamin D2 can reduce the concentration of serum phosphatase, and increase the concentration of serum calcium, cholesterol, phosphate and magnesium, and increase the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the urine.
4. The following conditions should be used with caution: arteriosclerosis, cardiac insufficiency, hypercholesterolemia, hyperphosphatemia; high sensitivity to vitamin D and renal insufficiency; non-renal diseases treated with vitamin D2, if the patient is abnormal in vitamin D2 Sensitive, can also cause kidney toxicity.
5. Pay attention to check during the course of treatment: serum urea nitrogen, creatinine and creatinine clearance rate, serum alkaline phosphatase, blood phosphorus, 24-hour urine calcium, ratio of urine calcium to creatinine, blood calcium (it should be regular when using the therapeutic dose of vitamin D2 For monitoring, maintain the blood calcium concentration of 2.00-2.50mmol/L), and bone X-ray examination.
6. Patients with hypercalcemia, hypervitamin D, hyperphosphatemia and renal rickets are contraindicated.
7. Medication for pregnant women and breast-feeding women: Hypercalcemia pregnant women may be sensitive to vitamin D2, so the dosage should be adjusted.
8. Medication for children: There are large differences in the sensitivity of infants to vitamin D2. The dosage should be carefully determined. The product of serum calcium and phosphorus concentration [Ca]×[P] (mg/dl) should not be greater than 58.
9. Medication for elderly patients: Not yet clear.
10. Specifications and storage: 0.125mg (5000 units); 0.25mg (10,000 units). Keep away from light and sealed.

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