Vitamin deficiency can lead to sub-health


The evidence presented by sub-health belongs to the category of internal injuries and miscellaneous diseases in Chinese medicine. Syndrome differentiation can be attributed to stagnation of liver qi; internal resistance to blood stasis; endogenous phlegm and dampness, internal accumulation of dampness, yin deficiency and fire prosperity, qi and blood deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency and other syndrome types. Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that "shanggong treats the disease before the disease", which means that the savvy doctor should "settle the place free from the evil", that is, understand the development trend of the disease and actively take measures to prevent its further development.

There has been a misunderstanding for a long time that if the body is poor, it needs to be "repaired." For the sub-health group, most of them do not belong to false syndrome. Nowadays, the causes of sub-health are overnutrition, metabolic disorders, and increasing work and life pressures, and most of them exceed their psychological stress ability. Therefore, for sub-healthy people, the important thing is not "replenishment" but "adjustment." Adjusting the state, adjusting the balance of yin and yang, including adjusting the state of mind and body functions, is what Chinese medicine is good at. For those with high blood sugar, blood lipids, blood viscosity, and blood pressure, excessive supplementation is more harmful. As for a small number of sub-healthy patients with deficiency syndromes, they should be supplemented by syndrome differentiation under the guidance of Chinese physicians.

Modern medicine believes that about 50% of human diseases are related to bad lifestyles and behaviors. However, Chinese medicine has long recognized this. For example, "Su Wen·Bi Lun" said: "Eat self-doubling, gastrointestinal injury", "Su Wen·Lift pain" said: "Labor is exhausted"... Therefore, in addition to the treatment of sub-healthy patients, they also It is necessary to pay attention to the regularity of diet, a reasonable structure, an orderly life, a combination of work and rest, quit smoking and drinking, and exercise properly. As long as we make reasonable adjustments, sub-health will go away and return to the best state of health. In the diet, you should also pay attention to supplementing vitamins. Vitamins play an important role in preventing sub-health.

Although vitamins are not a raw material for the human body, nor can they provide the energy needed by the human body, they play an important regulatory role in material metabolism and are a component of many coenzymes in the human body. Although the human body needs very little of these substances, it is indispensable at all. If the supply is insufficient, material metabolism will be hindered, health will be affected, and sub-health and even diseases will occur.

Improve eating habits appropriately

 Now that life is better and the material supply is abundant, why does the human body still lack vitamins? This is related to people's eating habits. We know that vitamin A and vitamin B2 mainly exist in animal liver. However, in recent years, in daily life, many people do not like to eat animal liver, which is a factor that cannot be ignored that causes insufficient intake of vitamin A and vitamin B2.

In addition, with the improvement of living standards in recent years, rice has become whiter when eaten, standard rice and standard noodles are not available, and the amount of rice eaten becomes smaller. As everyone knows, the main source of vitamin B1 is food crops, and it mainly exists in the epidermis and germ of food crop seeds. Due to more refined processing or repeated processing of food products, the loss and destruction of vitamin B1 increase significantly, resulting in insufficient intake of vitamin B1.

Research found that vitamins may help suppress HIV

In order to get out of the sub-health state as soon as possible and correct the insufficient intake of vitamins, we must first adjust the grain structure, change the bad habit of eating more white and whiter food, and less food, while appropriately increasing the intake of animal liver and carrots. , It is recommended that white-collar young people take vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, and vitamin D each.

 In order to prevent vitamin overdose, stop taking it on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and take it 5 days a week to meet the needs of human health for vitamins. Vitamins are very cheap medicines, but their effects on human health are so important that even young people cannot ignore them.More about:Vitamin Series