The important role of vitamins in skin care products


We know how important it is to replenish vitamins in the body, but it is also necessary to add vitamins to skin care products. After modern technology and research and development, the role of vitamins in the skin is already in the eye. Let us take a look.
1. Vitamin A is generally used in skin care products in three categories, vitamin A acid, A alcohol, A aldehyde and A ester. First, although vitamin A acid is the most powerful one, it is very irritating and sensitive. Sex is difficult to use in skin care products, generally used for medicinal purposes; while A alcohol is very effective in wrinkle removal and exfoliation, but it is easy to irritate the skin at higher concentrations and cannot be used together with whitening ingredients; Aldehyde is the closest component to A acid, and has good effects on acne and anti-aging. A ester is a very common ingredient in skin care products. Our common Estee Lauder's small brown bottle and L'Occitane's Helichrysum series. It contains this ingredient and is very effective against wrinkles.
2. Vitamin B is added to skin care products and is divided into B3 and B5. Vitamin B3 is the nicotinamide we often hear. Its biggest effect is to inhibit the transfer of melanin to protein cells and reduce pigmentation. It can also help protein synthesis and enhance skin's water content. B5 is a commonly known Ubiquinol, commonly used in moisturizing products, as well as in antioxidant products.
3. We all know that the role of vitamin C is whitening, but in fact, the earliest vitamin C was developed to be anti-aging, because vitamin C has a good antioxidant effect, can help collagen production, and adds high concentration. Vitamin C products can reduce the oxidation of the skin.