Natural vitamin E has scar removal effect


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, and its hydrolysis product is tocopherol, which is the most important antioxidant. According to research, tocopherol can promote the secretion of sex hormones, increase the vitality and number of sperm in men; increase the concentration of estrogen in women, improve fertility, prevent miscarriage, and can also be used for beauty and skin care.

Using vitamin E to remove freckles and acne has long been regarded as the safest skin care method by girls who love beauty. Recently, Xiao Bian learned that vitamin E also has the effect of removing scars.

It is said that to use vitamin E to remove scars, you only need to puncture the vitamin E capsule with a needle, and apply the liquid inside it to the scar and gently massage it twice a day to make the formed scar disappear.
Other beauty benefits of vitamin E:

1. Clean your face every night before going to bed, then take out a vitamin E capsule, pierce the outer capsule shell with a needle, then squeeze the vitamin oil inside on a sterilized cotton swab, and then gently apply it on Where there are acne marks, this method can effectively remove acne marks.

2. Many pregnant mothers will have stretch marks, leaving unsightly scars. Expectant mothers can use vitamin E to rub the belly to enhance the elasticity of the skin at about 6 months, so that it is not easy to grow stretch marks.

3. The effect of vitamin E on sunburn is very good. Before using it, you can apply an ice towel and green tea to your face, and then apply vitamin E to the sunburned area.

4. Apply vitamin E directly on the fine lines at the corners of the eyes to remove wrinkles. It is best to apply it at night and stick to once a day. It can also be used in combination with pearl powder and used as an eye cream after blending, and the effect is also good.

5. Put 2 drops of vitamin E into the cream, then use it to wipe the face, and then rub a little pearl powder, which can whiten and lighten some scars on the face.

Natural Vitamin E Powder 700IU/gCWS

Shape and Properties: Faint yellow or yellow powder, no foreign matter and no odor.

Component: Vitamin E, Starch Sodium Octenyl Succinate, Maltodextrin etc.

Dispersivity: It can diffuse rapidly and completely in cold water, juice and other liquids, and remain stable for a long time.

Usage: It is mainly used through two methods. One is to directly mix the powder evenly in the mixer according to the formula. And the other is to dissolve it with a little water at first, then add it to products and stir well.

Storage: Lay in a shade and cool place with sealed airtight package.

Shelf life: 24 months.