How to Store Natural Astaxanthin Powder Correctly

2024-06-07 17:18:34 Tianhecheng Biotechnology views 113

Natural astaxanthin powder is not the kind of powder you usually see. It has super antioxidant superpowers and a lot of health benefits, making it everyone's new favorite. But don't think that you can keep these magical powers just by storing them casually. If the storage method is not correct, its nutritional value and stability will be greatly reduced. Now, let's reveal how to treat this super ingredient correctly to ensure that its energy remains as good as it used to be!

1. Choice of storage environment

Store away from light: Astaxanthin is particularly afraid of light. Once exposed to the sun, it will be ruined and its effectiveness will drop sharply. So, you have to choose a dark place to store astaxanthin powder. It is best to use a dark, opaque container and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Low temperature storage: Want astaxanthin powder to stay young? Don't let it simmer in high temperatures, otherwise it will melt quickly like ice cream in summer. Put it in a cool, dry place, preferably at a temperature between 4°C and 15°C, just like putting on a warm coat. If conditions permit, you might as well treat it as a VIP and arrange it to enjoy a cold air bath in the refrigerator to ensure that it is full of vitality and will not turn into a "hot dog".

Dry environment: Excessive humidity will cause astaxanthin powder to clump, affecting its quality and use effect. Therefore, it is very important to keep the storage environment dry. You can put a desiccant in the container to absorb excess moisture.


2. Selection of storage container

Astaxanthin powder must be placed in a good place and not exposed to air and moisture. It is best to find a container with good sealing, such as a glass bottle, plastic bottle or metal can. Remember to tighten the lid after use.

When choosing a container, it is important to choose food-grade materials to prevent bad impurities from mixing into the food. Glass bottles are good because they are particularly stable and will not react with astaxanthin powder.

3. Management of shelf life

Keep freshness: Every time you open or repackage astaxanthin powder, don't forget to leave a date mark on the container. This is a little trick to track storage time. Although astaxanthin powder can be kept fresh for a long time, in order to enjoy its best effects, we strongly recommend that you use it as soon as possible after opening.

Quality monitoring: Regularly conduct a comprehensive inspection of your astaxanthin powder, including changes in color, odor and texture.

4. Precautions for use

Avoid frequent opening: Frequent opening will increase the chance of astaxanthin powder coming into contact with air and accelerate its oxidation. Therefore, try to minimize the number of times you open the container each time you take it, and reseal the container quickly.

Avoid contamination: Use a clean, dry spoon or measuring tool to take astaxanthin powder, and avoid direct contact with your hands to prevent contamination and the introduction of moisture.

5. Common problems during storage

Agglomeration: If you find that the astaxanthin powder is agglomerated, you can gently tap the container or use a clean spoon to break it up. Agglomeration is usually caused by excessive humidity. Improving the dryness of the storage environment can effectively prevent this problem.

Color change: Astaxanthin powder is usually dark red or orange-red. If you find that the color becomes lighter or darker, it may be oxidation caused by light or oxygen. You should check whether the storage conditions meet the requirements and use it up as soon as possible.


6. Special situations in storage

Long-term preservation tips: Want your astaxanthin powder to age like aged wine? Try this trick - become a small portion expert, divide the powder into mini sealed boxes, and only open one box at a time, so that the lid of the big jar can be secretly happy!

Travel tips: Don’t want to get sunburned when traveling? Take your astaxanthin powder with you! But don’t just throw it in your bag, give it VIP treatment - a mini sealed container. Remember to choose a cool corner, away from the embrace of the sun, to keep it "cool".

Choosing the right storage techniques, we can definitely greatly improve the freshness and efficacy of natural astaxanthin powder, ensuring that its nutrients and antioxidant power are perfectly preserved. This sophisticated storage strategy not only guarantees the quality of astaxanthin powder, but also maximizes its health benefits. I sincerely hope that this article can provide you with practical information and guide you on how to properly store and use natural astaxanthin powder.