How to add protein?


1. Eat more animal protein foods. Among animal protein, milk and egg proteins are the best quality of all protein foods. The reason is that it is the easiest to digest, the amino acids are complete, and it is not easy to cause gout attacks. Egg yolk protein content is slightly higher than protein, but an egg yolk can contain up to 300 mg of cholesterol, even if the heart is not sick, it is not suitable to eat more egg yolk, and the protein cholesterol content is 0; egg yolk contains a lot of fat, the usual egg yolk we There is no fat, but when you put the egg yolk in the microwave, you will find that a lot of oil can flow out. You can also see the fat of the egg yolk in the salted egg yolk. The heat of the egg yolk is 6 times the protein, so Egg yolk is also a high-calorie food and is a diet for people who lose weight. In addition to supplying protein, milk is more important in providing calcium, which can prevent calcium deficiency. Skimmed milk powder has the highest calcium content and almost no fat content, so the milk made from skimmed milk powder is the best source of protein and calcium for adults to maintain a slim body.

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2. Eat more vegetable protein foods The best vegetable protein is soy protein, soy contains 35% protein, and is very easy to be absorbed, so soy protein has always been the main source of protein for vegetarians. Soy products can lower cholesterol and fight cancer. Soy protein is rich in isoflavones. Isoflavones are hormone-like compounds that can inhibit the growth of tumor cells caused by hormone imbalance. In addition, edible mushrooms are also the main source of protein for slimming families.

3. "Common Food Protein Content Table" Food Name Proteins per 100 grams of oatmeal 15.6 Lotus seeds 16.6 Soybeans 36.3 Broad beans 28.2 Pork (lean) 16.7 Pig heart 19.1 Pig liver 21.3 Tofu skin 50.5 Pig kidney 15.5 Pig skin 26.4 Peanuts 26.2 Pig blood 18.9 Walnut 15.4 Beef (lean) 20.3 Lamb (lean) 17.3 Silver carp 17.0 Rabbit 2l 2 Chicken 21.5 Chicken liver 18.2 Duck meat 16.5 Sea cucumber (dried) 76.5 Egg 14.7 Lobster 16.4 4. Protein is the main component of the human body structure, its content is only Inferior to water, it accounts for about one-fifth of a person's weight. Muscle and nerve tissue have the most protein components, followed by other organs and glandular tissues, but the content is also quite rich. Beans, peanuts, meat, milk, eggs, fish and shrimp are higher in protein, but less in cereals and less in vegetables and fruits. The human body's need for protein depends not only on the protein content, but also on the type and ratio of essential amino acids contained in the protein. Because the types and proportions of amino acids contained in animal protein are more in line with human needs, animal protein has higher nutritional value than plant protein. In plant-based foods, the protein contained in rice and flour lacks lysine, while legume protein lacks methionine and cystine, so eating mixed foods can complement each other and greatly improve the utilization of mixed protein. Sexual protein can greatly improve the nutritional value of protein in the diet.

4. The content of common protein (per 100 grams of food) is as follows: 7 grams of rice, 9 grams of flour, 36 grams of soybeans, 24 grams of mung beans, 7.4 grams of tofu, 2 grams of cabbage, 2.3 grams of eggplant, 0.4 grams of apple, 27 grams of peanuts, Pork 9.5g, beef 20g, human milk 1.5g, milk 3.3g, egg 15g, carp 17g, prawn 21g. Although the protein content in human milk, cow milk, and eggs is low, the amount of essential amino acids they contain is basically consistent with the human body, so the nutritional value is higher and it is the best food in the diet.