Can vitamins be eaten casually?


Vitamins can not be eaten casually, not just vitamins, anything can not be eaten casually, once the consumption is unreasonable, it may cause physical problems.

If the diet is reasonable and there are no special needs such as disease, taking vitamins as a supplement is likely to cause excessive vitamins and toxic effects. If excessive vitamin a may cause loss of appetite and hair loss.

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Vitamins are a type of compound necessary to maintain the normal metabolism and function of the human body. They are one of the six major nutrients of the human body. Most vitamins cannot be produced by the human body. They must be obtained from food. Only a few can be synthesized in the body or have intestinal flora. produce.

The human body's daily needs for various vitamins are very small, and it is affected by factors such as physiology, disease and occupation. Due to the lack of vitamins in the food or the food intake is too small, the intake of vitamins is insufficient, which may lead to primary Sexual vitamin deficiency.

If the body's ability to absorb vitamins is impaired or some drugs interfere, it may lead to secondary vitamin deficiency. In this case, the medicine should be used to supplement vitamins under the guidance of a doctor, and under normal circumstances, vitamins should not be used as nutrients and used at will.