What should I pay attention to when supplementing vitamins


"Vitamin is an indispensable nutrient for the human body. People eat vegetables and fruits every day. They contain various vitamins. If the body lacks vitamins, it can be supplemented appropriately. If it is not lacking, there is no need to add a lot." Shenyang Municipal Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Director Zhu explained.
Under normal circumstances, the amount of vitamins consumed by adults in their daily diet is sufficient to maintain the body's needs, and does not require additional vitamin supplements. However, smoking, long-term drinking, irregular diet, etc., can not absorb enough vitamins from daily life. Older people, children and pregnant women have different vitamin intakes than adults because of their special physique. These require special treatment.
Reminder: No big benefits
Vitamins are good for health, but if they are too much, they can cause poisoning if they are accumulated in the body. Zhu said that a large dose of Vitamin A Palmitate or a regular application can cause acute or chronic vitamin A poisoning. Vitamin A poisoning can cause symptoms such as loss of appetite, itchy skin, dry skin, hair loss, and convulsions. A large intake of vitamin C can also cause adverse reactions, such as diarrhea, rash, increased acidity, and urinary calculi. If vitamin C is taken in large quantities for a long time, scurvy may occur if it is stopped.