What is the extraction method of carotene?


Many people are very interested in the extraction of carotene. Here are the steps to extract the carotene:

The main steps for extracting carotene are as follows.

1. Select 500 g of fresh carrots, wash them with water, drain and chop, and then dry them in an oven at 40 ℃ for about 2 hours. The dried carrots are further crushed and sieved. Note that the carrot must be crushed thoroughly.

β-Carotene Powder 10%CWS

2. Place the sample in a 500 mL round-bottom flask, add 200 mL of petroleum ether and mix well. Install the extraction reflux device as shown in Figure 6-7 in the textbook. Extract for 30 min, then filter the extract to remove solid materials.

3. Install a distillation device to concentrate the extracted samples.

4. Collect the sample in the receiver, observe the color and smell of the sample, and identify it by paper chromatography. Choose clean filter paper during chromatography. In order to prevent contamination of the filter paper during operation, try to avoid direct contact with the filter paper by hand. You can wear gloves to operate. When spotting, it should be noted that the spot should not be too large (the diameter should be less than 0.5 cm). If it is dried with a hair dryer, the temperature should not be too high, otherwise the spot will turn yellow. Roll the spotted filter paper into a cylindrical shape. When winding the paper, pay attention that the two sides of the filter paper cannot touch each other to avoid the rapid movement of the solvent along both sides of the filter paper due to the capillary phenomenon.