What are the precautions for β-carotene?


Beta-carotene can exert its anti-cancer effect only when other important antioxidants such as vitamin C and E are contained in the diet. People who smoke or drink heavily should be careful about taking β-carotene because it increases their risk of heart disease and cancer.
Although β-carotene helps protect people with sensitive skin from sun damage, it has no sun protection effect.
Although animal studies indicate that β-carotene is not toxic to fetuses or infants, no relevant studies can confirm that this conclusion is also applicable to humans. Beta-carotene supplements can pass into breast milk, but no relevant studies have confirmed the safety of taking it during breastfeeding. Therefore, when pregnant or breastfeeding mothers need to take β-carotene supplements, they should accept the guidance and advice of physicians or medical experts.
Even if the carotene in the diet is taken in excessively, it is manifested as yellowing of the skin and does not harm health. However, high intake of carotene supplements is dangerous. Studies have found that its pro-oxidant effect promotes cell division and destroys antioxidants and vitamin A in the body. For people in a state of high oxidative stress, this The harm is more serious, such as smokers or alcoholics.
The traditional concept believes that supplementing carotene can not only reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and cataracts, but also has anti-cancer effects. However, in recent years, many test results found that compared with the normal control group, the incidence of lung cancer in the group taking β-carotene was not reduced, but 28% higher.
Nutritionist analysis: Supplementing the physiological dose (5 mg/day) of carotene does have anti-cancer effects, and excessive intake of carotene will prevent the binding of vitamin A to the corresponding receptor, thereby preventing the transformation of tumor suppressor genes. The result is Not to suppress cancer but to go to the opposite side.
But it should be noted that a healthy, reasonable and nutritious diet is more effective than supplementing B-carotene alone. It should not be taken at the same time with acidic substances such as vinegar.

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