What are the effects of β-carotene?


1. Health care of the visual system

The rod cells on the retina contain rhodopsin and have the function of scotopic vision. A proper amount of β-carotene can promote rhodopsin to reach the normal content, thereby avoiding the slow dark field adaptation caused by the lack of vitamin A, and also avoiding the damage to the eyes caused by the strong light after the dark field.

2. Boost immunity
Beta carrot participates in the production of antibodies in the human body, which helps to maintain the normal immune system function, especially has a strong resistance to respiratory infections. Beta carotene also has a significant anti-cancer effect and reduces the incidence of heart disease. .

3. Delay aging

β-carotene can increase the activity of red blood cells. Peroxidation free radicals can accelerate the aging of the human body, and people vividly call it the "garbage" of the body. And β-carotene can neutralize the peroxidation free radicals in the body, thus playing a role in delaying aging.

4. Laxative

Carrots contain plant fiber, have strong water absorption, and are easy to swell in the intestinal tract. They are the "filling substance" in the intestinal tract, which can strengthen the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, thereby laxative and anti-cancer.

5. Anti-allergic

Japanese scientists have discovered that β-carotene in carrots can effectively prevent allergic diseases such as pollen allergy and allergic dermatitis, and β-carotene can regulate intracellular balance, making the body less prone to allergic reactions.

Food taboos

Carotene and vitamin a are fat-soluble substances. They should be fried in oil or stewed with meat before eating to attract them. Don't eat too much. A large intake of carotene will change the pigment of the skin and turn it into orange-yellow.

Eating wine and carrots will cause a large amount of carotene and alcohol to enter the body together, and produce toxins in the liver, leading to liver disease. During the medication, loose stools may occur, the skin may be stained bright yellow, bruises and joint pain may occur. It should be taken according to the recommended dosage, and should not be overused at will.

Beta-carotene is suitable for people who use computers for a long time, people with respiratory infections, people with reduced vision, and people with dry and rough skin.