What are the effects and functions of carotene


Anyone with a certain biological basis should know that vitamin A is an important nutrient for protecting eyesight, but the synthesis of vitamin A requires the participation of carotene. Therefore, from this perspective, carotene is an important The ingredients of protecting eyesight, so besides, what other roles can carotene play?
The efficacy and role of carotene
1. Health care of the visual system
The rod cells on the retina contain rhodopsin and have the function of scotopic vision. A proper amount of β-carotene can promote rhodopsin to reach the normal content, thereby avoiding the slow dark field adaptation caused by the lack of vitamin A, and also avoiding the damage to the eyes caused by the strong light after the dark field. In addition, it can also prevent night blindness, dry eye, corneal ulcers and corneal softening;
2. Health care of skin tissue
VA is necessary to maintain the integrity of all epithelial tissues, and β-carotene can be converted into VA in the human body. Therefore, intake of a certain amount of β-carotene is of great significance for maintaining normal body surface, digestive tract, respiratory tract, genitourinary tract, endocrine tract, and can avoid skin scaly, keratinization, and epidermal cell scaly. Skin diseases such as dermatitis, polykeratinous blood eruptive dry skin syndrome. β-carotene also has a good effect on the stability of cell membranes. It can also be used to treat inflammation "sun inflammation" caused by sun exposure.
3. Delay aging
β-carotene can increase the activity of red blood cells. Peroxidation free radicals can accelerate the aging of the human body, and people vividly call it the "garbage" of the body. And β-carotene can neutralize the peroxidation free radicals in the body, so that it has the effect of delaying aging;
4. Resistance to bad environment
Those who often work in darkrooms, strong light, high temperature or deep water environments, as well as radiation workers, as well as people who often watch TV, should be supplemented with β-carotene to resist adverse environments.