What are the contraindications for carotene


Symptoms of a lack of beta-carotene
1. The eyes are easily tired and painful, which can cause symptoms such as night blindness, dry mucous membranes, dry eyes and myopia.
2. Decreased immunity, premature aging, insomnia, weakness and dermatitis, skin keratinization and other symptoms.
3. It affects the production of male sperm and makes the periodic changes of female estrogen secretion disappear, leading to infertility.
4. The normal differentiation of epithelial cells is blocked, which is the basic cause of cancer.
5. Increase the body's sensitivity to certain chemical carcinogens.
Contraindications of carotene
1. Be cautious of eating vegetarian foods containing carrots before liver function tests. The day before the liver function test, eating foods rich in carotene will make the serum yellow and affect the determination of the yellow bile index; high-fat meals can increase blood lipids, so it is necessary to prohibit eating fatty meals 10 hours before blood draw.
2. Smokers should use β-carotene with caution. The French National Cancer Institute recommends that people who smoke or have smoked do not supplement β-carotene preparations. But foods rich in β-carotene may counteract other vitamins that interact between β-carotene and smoking. The data provided by the researchers showed that among people who have never smoked, if the diet contains a proper amount of β-carotene, their risk of cancer will be reduced by 28%, and the intake of β-carotene additives will reduce the risk by 56%. But among people who have ever smoked or smoked, the right amount of β-carotene in their diet increased their risk of cancer by as much as 43%, and intake of β-carotene additives more than doubled their risk of cancer.
3. Too much can cause loss of appetite. Although carotene is very nutritious, it should be eaten in moderation. Excessive carotene may cause carotemia, causing the skin on the face and hands to become orange-yellow, causing loss of appetite, unstable mental state, irritability, and even restless sleep, accompanied by night terrors, crying, and talking in sleep, etc. Performance.