Natural carotene and iron deficiency anemia


The incidence of iron deficiency anemia in children in China is high. At present, about 40% of urban children suffer from different levels of nutritional iron deficiency anemia, and rural children are as high as 50-60%. In order to ensure the healthy growth of children and explore the effect of natural carotene to improve iron nutrition status, Tianjin Children's Insurance Institute used natural carotene preparations for 651 preschool children, which lasted for three months. The experimental results show that while the vitamin A level is increased, the iron nutrition status of children is also improved. After three months of intervention in the experimental group, the hemoglobin and serum protein of the iron index increased significantly, while the free protoporphyrin in the red blood cells decreased significantly. It is proved that natural Beta-carotene has a good effect on the metabolic utilization and storage of iron in the body. The concomitant relationship between iron and vitamin A in the body has been the subject of concern and research by experts and scholars both inside and outside. This paper further formalizes the related impact between the two. Natural carotene has opened up new ways to prevent but iron anemia, providing a scientific basis for development value.
The important value of natural carotene in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia is that it eliminates the damage caused by the traditional iron supplementation to the heart.
The latest research results of Bruner and others in the United Kingdom believe that when the body's iron deficiency has undergone a series of changes before symptoms appear, the activity of iron-containing substances (some enzymes) related to metabolism in the whole body cells is decreased, causing various functions. Obstacles will affect the intellectual and spiritual development of children and adolescents, and will also affect the quality of life for young people. Natural carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body and is a safe provitamin A. Almost all adolescents need to add vitamin A. Regular consumption of natural carotene can kill both the natural antioxidants of natural carotene and the natural cure of asymptomatic iron deficiency in adolescents.