ARA powder Application


ARA powder Application:
The addition of Arachidonic Acid ARA to food as a nutritional fortifier can promote the upgrading of food industry products, increase the technological content and added value of products, and improve the health of the people's diet.​
Adding to infant formula food can promote the brain development and optic nerve development of infants and young children, and accelerate the breast milkization process of infant formula food. At present, Arachidonic Acid ARA has been widely used in infant formula milk powder and formula rice flour. application. Adding it to liquid milk can enrich the product system of liquid milk companies, improve their product quality, and bring new selling points to the development of new products.​
When added to edible oil, functional and health-care blending oils can be developed for different groups of people.​​
It can be added to convenience foods such as biscuits, bread, fast food noodles, ice cream, etc. to develop functional health food.​​
Adding it to lactic acid bacteria beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages or other functional beverages can develop a new generation of nutritional and healthy beverages.
Ecological Cosmetics Additives
Experiments have shown that arachidonic acid ARA has a significant effect on regulating the permeability of human cell membranes, and has moisturizing and moisturizing functions on the skin. The development of arachidonic acid ARA skin care products can effectively solve the problem of lack of Skin damage and hormonal imbalance caused by unsaturated fatty acids can achieve a comprehensive nourishing beauty effect.​
Arachidonic Acid (Arachidonic Acid) ARA can also be added to hairdressing products, which can promote hair growth, make it soft, elastic and shiny, and also have obvious effects on improving hair quality.