How to buy vitamins?


Ordinary women: When women are supplementing vitamins, most basic vitamins and trace elements should take in 100% of the daily requirement (DV), that is, the total recommended intake of certain nutrients per person per day, with the exception of calcium. Supplementing more than 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin A will increase the risk of fractures in menopausal women and increase the risk of birth defects in newborns. For safety reasons, it is best to supplement vitamin A with "β-carotene".

Vitamin A Acetate Manufacturers

Pregnant women: If you are not particularly lacking in certain specific vitamins or trace elements, you can choose the most basic multivitamin. Pregnant women or women who are planning to become pregnant should choose "prenatal vitamin supplements" because they contain larger doses of folic acid, iron, zinc and calcium, which are essential for fetal health.

Elderly: Elderly people over 50 can choose "elderly multivitamins" with additional vitamin D, vitamin B12 and calcium. The low-dose iron supplement (18 mg per day) in the standard multivitamin is still safe for most people. However, it is best for patients with hemochromatosis to choose supplements that do not contain iron.