Fortified to improve human health


The growth of the global population has increased the demand for protein foods and has placed demands on healthier diets and higher quality feed ingredients. As a messenger of nutrition and health, Tianhecheng has successfully developed a variety of healthy and efficient food additives and feed additives, which not only improve animal nutrition and health, but also promote significant progress in human health.

Tianhecheng is an important vitamin and carotenoid producer in the industry. Our high-quality raw materials provide high quality for the success of world-renowned food brands in various industries such as dairy products, baking, fruit and vegetable juices, milk powder, functional drinks and flavor ingredients. Services and development of many health products and processes dedicated to healthier, more nutritious food fortification projects. In developed areas with excess nutrients, people are generally controlling their body weight and maintaining their health by reducing the intake of traditional energy-based foods and supplementing with functional vitamins and minerals. Tianhe Chengweiweisu series of vitamins cover a variety of important functional vitamins, which can guarantee the healthy and colorful life of human beings.

In the field of animal nutrition, we provide high-quality raw materials and feed additives for poultry, aquatic products, pigs and pets, and enable customers to achieve greater value growth with less resources with efficient and high-quality production capacity.

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