Eat vitamin C every day, is it good?


Vitamin C is a kind of vitamin that is very friendly to the human body. In our daily diet, we basically have this nutrient. Studies have shown that vitamin C plays a small role in the body's immune system. Generally speaking, the human body can't be less, and once it is less, it will cause problems. Most people also recognize this and eat vitamin C tablets every day.

As the body loses nutrients every day, it needs to be supplemented in time, as is vitamin C. However, there is a requirement in terms of quantity. For adults, the daily intake of vitamin C should be around 90 mg, and that of pregnant women should be higher at 130 mg. By replenishing this amount every day, you can make up for the loss of vitamin C. As long as you eat more vegetables and fruits every day, you can be satisfied, there is no need to add vitamin C tablets.

If you say that people with poor immunity, you can add vitamin C tablets in moderation. When adults maintain about 500 to 1000 mg per day, they can regulate the body's immune system and promote resistance. As for the supplement of vitamin C in children, the amount is even less, generally less than 500 mg, the smaller the age, the less demand for vitamin C.

There is an old saying that is good, and there is nothing beyond it. The point is that you can't do too much, and doing it is the same as not doing it. The same is true for the supplement of vitamin C. If the daily intake exceeds the dose, there is no difference between eating and not eating, and it may cause some trouble.