Do you really understand the famous β-carotene?


β-carotene is an indispensable nutrient for maintaining human health. It can be converted into vitamin A, and it is currently the safest vitamin A supplement product. It can also maintain the health of eyes and skin, improve skin roughness, and prevent a variety of degenerative diseases caused by aging.

Therefore, people who use computers for a long time, people with respiratory infections, and people with reduced vision can eat more foods rich in β-carotene.
Although β-carotene is good, don’t be gluttonous
Beta-carotene and vitamin a are fat-soluble substances, which can be fried in oil or stewed with meat before eating, which is more conducive to absorption.
However, don't over-eat β-carotene. Ingesting large amounts of it will change the skin pigmentation and turn it into orange-yellow. In addition, eating wine and carrots will cause a large amount of carotene and alcohol to enter the body together, and produce toxins in the liver, leading to liver disease. All this needs attention.