Can natural vitamin E be used externally?


For many beauty lovers, nothing is more frightening than long wrinkles, it may make you look very old. As everyone knows, vitamin E can resist aging, so can it be used externally?

The answer is of course. Simply pierce the outer layer of the natural vitamin E capsule with a needle, squeeze out the E oil inside, and apply it to the area needing maintenance (you can also use it with a mask). It can be used inside and outside when removing freckles, the effect is faster. In the dry seasons of autumn and winter, natural VE is mixed in lotions and creams to moisturize and moisturize. For women who are good at maintenance, it is no longer a secret.

Natural vitamin E is one of the internationally recognized nutrients with the strongest anti-aging effect. Taking vitamin E means slowing down the steps of aging. Vitamin E is now the most popular and widely used vitamin in the world.

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Aging is the "natural enemy" of people who love beauty, and free radicals are the culprit of human aging. During the metabolism of our body, various free radicals are formed. They produce oxidation, damage cell function, and make the human body show aging characteristics. Brown spots, pigmentation, and wrinkles also appear on the face. Delaying aging is actually achieved by "scavenging free radicals" and "antioxidation".
A large number of theoretical and experimental data show that natural VE has a comprehensive and efficient antioxidant effect, which can protect polyunsaturated fatty acids on the cell membrane from free radical attacks and maintain the integrity of the cell membrane. It is called "cytoprotective factor" by the medical community "," The most direct trap of free radicals "," the most important natural antioxidant "!
Experiments show that human cells die after 50 times of reproduction and division, while cells treated with VE can divide more than 120 times. It is also equivalent to extending the life of the cell by 2.4 times.