Can Coenzyme Q10 relieve muscle pain caused by statins?


The idea of ​​coenzyme Q10 to reduce the side effects of statin-induced muscle pain is similar to the situation of patients with heart failure, and it also originated from a coincidental discovery:

1) Statins can reduce low-density cholesterol lipoprotein (LDL), which is harmful to health, but taking statins can also reduce the level of coenzyme Q10.

2) Muscle soreness is a common side effect of statins, and coenzyme Q10 is very important for muscle function.

Then, by supplementing with coenzyme Q10 to increase its blood concentration, can muscle soreness be relieved?

Coenzyme Q10 Manufacturers

Although the results of the various studies are not very consistent, overall, the existing scientific evidence does not support that Coenzyme Q10 can reduce the muscle pain caused by statin cholesterol-lowering drugs.

However, due to the small side effects of Coenzyme Q10, some doctors will suggest to try supplementing Coenzyme Q10 for one to two months (dose range from 100ml to 200mg per day) to see if it can really relieve muscle cramps caused by statins Pain or weakness.

We have talked about the quality of health care products in the past. If you decide to try, you should use products from manufacturers whose quality has been tested.