Beware of these misunderstandings when supplementing DHA


DHA is an unsaturated fatty acid, which is one of the fatty acids needed by the human body. It plays an important role in maintaining the body's operation. A lack of DHA in adults may also cause a series of symptoms, including mental retardation, skin abnormalities, and infertility. As an essential fatty acid, DHA has the functions of enhancing memory and thinking and improving intelligence. DHA is essential to maintain brain vision, learning ability, coordination ability, and emotional function, and can prevent Alzheimer's. Adult DHA supplementation can reduce blood viscosity, control blood cholesterol and blood lipid levels, improve immunity and metabolism, reduce inflammation, maintain water balance, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

 Second, the effects of cod liver oil and fish oil are confused

Fish oil is an unsaturated fat extracted from the body of fish. It contains two components: EPA and DHA. Fish oil is a good choice for supplementing DHA. However, some people confuse fish oil with cod liver oil and use cod liver oil as a supplement. DHA way. The main function of cod liver oil is to supplement vitamin A and vitamin D, maintain normal growth of the body, strengthen bones, and promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestinal mucosa. Fish oil does not contain DHA, so naturally it cannot play a supplementary role.

 Three, eating fish can supplement DHA

Fish with high DHA content include tuna, sardines, tuna, yellow croaker, saury, eel, hairtail, crucian carp, etc. However, fish in some areas are contaminated by heavy metals such as mercury and lead or harmful substances such as arsenic. , The safety is low, but it is not conducive to the healthy growth of people.

 Four, medicine tonic is better than food tonic

   Choosing DHA from natural foods has the advantage that supplements cannot be substituted. Medicinal supplements only contain DHA as a nutrient. In addition to DHA, natural foods can also obtain nutrients such as protein, calcium, and phosphorus at the same time. They have higher nutritional performance and are especially suitable for the period of growth and development that require comprehensive intake of various nutrients. Child.

 5. The more DHA supplement, the better

When mothers are supplementing their children with DHA, because Aiko is very eager to get into a misunderstanding, she always feels that "less supplements are worse than more supplements." it's wrong. Excessive intake of DHA will increase the baby's digestive burden and reduce the baby's immune capacity.

Six, blindly follow the trend to supplement DHA

   With the improvement of living standards, parents have become popular to supplement DHA for their children, even purchasing them from overseas. In fact, when children eat vegetable oil, olive oil, and walnut oil, they contain linolenic acid, which can synthesize DHA after ingestion. If the doctor does not recommend that the child needs DNA supplementation, then do not give it additional supplementation.