Beta-carotene function


1. Natural β-C has good coloring performance, the coloring range is yellow to orange yellow, the coloring ability is strong, and the color is stable and uniform.
The natural β-C produced by our company is very suitable for the development of oily products and protein products, such as margarine, vegetarian products, instant noodles and protein beverages, etc.; and the production of natural β-carotene produced by modern technology. Capsule powder and water-soluble emulsion series products have good dispersibility in water and can be converted into water-soluble pigments. Almost all foods and medicines can be applied; and can coexist with Zn, Ca and other elements without discoloration, especially suitable for children's food. Compatibility; it can also be used for the coloring of tablets, its color and stability are better than lemon yellow, carmine and so on.
2. Natural β-C has high vitamin A activity.
1 Natural β-C can be converted into vitamin A in the human small intestine, so it is also known as vitamin A. β-C can be stored in the liver, gradually converted to vitamin A according to the needs of the body, does not cause excessive vitamin A and produce poison.
2 Antioxidant effect Natural β-C is an excellent antioxidant. It has synergistic effect with vitamin E and vitamin C. This combination is called “iron triangle” of antioxidant and has strong anti-oxidation and anti-light radiation. effect.
3 natural β-C has a good anti-chromosomal aberration effect. A large number of studies at home and abroad believe that the anti-oxidation of β-C, enhance the body's immunity and promote cell gap junctions can inhibit or reduce the occurrence and development of cancer.
3. As a feed additive for poultry, livestock and fishery, it can improve the quality and yield of poultry, livestock and fisheries. (red heart salt egg, yellow chicken)