A large inventory of astaxanthin


Astaxanthin is a carotenoid naturally found in shrimp, lobster, crab and squid. Because of its superior antioxidant properties, it is called the “king of carotenoids”. Among all animals, astaxanthin is the highest concentration found in the muscles of salmon, and scientists have concluded that astaxanthin helps to provide endurance to these animals that need to be countercurrent. For humans, the efficacy of astaxanthin is mainly concentrated on its strong antioxidant properties, and it has greatly improved the series of diseases caused by oxidative stress, such as diabetes and cerebral infarction. Compared to other antioxidants such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, vitamin E and selenium, astaxanthin never becomes an oxidant in the body.
Even for healthy people, astaxanthin can be taken as a health supplement for a long time, for the following reasons:
1. Astaxanthin can help relieve pain and inflammation
Astaxanthin is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic that reduces the inflammatory compounds of many chronic diseases. Although this is 100% natural, astaxanthin is like some prescription painkillers, without the risk of addiction, and does not produce gastrointestinal bleeding and heartburn. More specifically, astaxanthin's COX-2 (cyclooxygenase-2), like Celebrex, has a significant effect on reducing the pain caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain and dysmenorrhea. .
Natural astaxanthin can not only affect the COX-2 pathway, but also inhibit serum nitric oxide, interleukin-1B, prostaglandin E2, C-reactive protein (CRP) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), all of which have been prove. Natural astaxanthin has been found to reduce CRP levels by more than 20% in 8 weeks, and no prescription drug can do this. CRP levels are a key indicator of heart disease.

2. Astaxanthin helps fight fatigue
Astaxanthin can make people recover from sports injuries more quickly. Pure natural astaxanthin helps muscle recovery, better endurance, enhance physical strength and increase energy levels.

3. Astaxanthin is good for eye health
Astaxanthin can pass through many obstacles and act on the retina. Numerous clinical trials have shown that astaxanthin contributes to diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye fatigue and the like.

4. Astaxanthin cleans cells
Astaxanthin filters into every cell in the body. Its unique molecular lipophilicity and hydrophilicity allow it to span the entire cell, and when the astaxanthin molecule protects one end of the fat-soluble portion of the cell and protects the water-soluble portion of the cell simultaneously, you might think it is giving it to your cell. A full body hug!
A 2007 study analyzed several commonly used antioxidants and antioxidant capacity. The study found that astaxanthin is 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, 800 times stronger than coenzyme Q10, 550 times stronger than catechin in green tea, and 75 times stronger than lipoic acid.

5. Nourish skin and sun protection
Astaxanthin has been proven to protect the body's largest organs. Astaxanthin is excellent in improving the moisture content, smoothness, elasticity and reducing fine wrinkles and freckles of the skin. A trace amount of astaxanthin can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays, like the most perfect natural sunscreen on the earth, like a natural anti-parasol covering the whole body, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, quench the free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays, and reduce ultraviolet rays on the skin. s damage.
Nowadays, astaxanthin is widely used in the field of beauty and skin care products. Assorted cosmetics brands in the world have added astaxanthin as a super antioxidant.